Orbiter addons

Just a list of Orbiter addons I’m fond of.

I’m very fond of Orbiter, I started with Orbiter 2010 in primary school and spent countless hours in the ICT room playing it with several addons. Orbiter was the only1 3D game that would run on the PCs the school had at the time.

I would, on numerous occasions, sneak into the ICT room during break times to play it.

Sadly each PC started to drop like flies as they succumbed to the capacitor plague of the time.


(in no particular order)

  • Altea Aerospace - several addons written by Doug Beachy including new spacecraft and the XRSound mod that adds sounds to Orbiter. Screenshots
    • XR2 Ravenstar
    • XR5 Vanguard
    • DeltaGlider-XR1 (the stock DeltaGlider but betterer)

Addons (incompatible with Orbiter 2016)

  1. I also played a lot of Powder Toy ↩︎